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And you thought your only concern was to make a profit!

In 2009 a major life company* carried out a report that defined the business protection gap at £1.1 trillion. It identified the business protection gap as:

  • Corporate debt gap of just under £300 billion
  • Shareholder protection gap of over £400 billion
  • Key person protection gap of over £400 billion

In order to calculate these figures, they conducted research amongst 1000 members of the British Chamber of Commerce in April 2009. The answers they gave provided greater understanding of the business protection market. Findings included:

  • 44% of business owners questioned said that their business would fold within 12 months of the death or critical illness of a key person.
  • Only 4% of business owners said they have shareholder protection in place.
  • 90% had up to three business owners.
  • More than 75% stated the average age of their business owners was between 40 and 65.
  • 54% have corporate debt of which 74% have corporate debt of up to £800,000.

If you have business loans, could you continue to pay these?

But death and illness are not the only concerns to a modern business. How do you keep key staff within your company and maintain their aspirations? Do you have sufficient cover in the event of staff disputes or issues with your clients?

Liability and Indemnity cover are essential for any modern business.

Business Protection is cost effective, tax efficient and remarkably affordable and can help to protect your firm and your livelihood in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Benefit schemes can be structured for your firm and insurances can be put in place to ensure you keep running, whatever or whoever tries to hold you back.

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